Welcome ComedySportz!

ComedySportz Maine, every Friday and Saturday at 7pm!

After a year in the making, we’re excited to announce that today we officially join the ComedySportz Worldwide league as CSz Maine. As the newest location, we can’t wait to bring high quality matches for everyone to the Portland, Maine area.

What is ComedySportz?

ComedySportz started in Milwaukee in 1984 as a competitive, fast-paced improv show. It remains that to this day. The matches are suitable for everyone and offer high-quality comedy that is good for everyone. It’s not comedy about sports, it’s comedy AS a sport.

The day is finally here…

Krista and Matt (Managing Director and Creative Director, respectively), first starting dreaming of their own ComedySportz location almost 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until they first visited Portland, Maine in March of 2017 that they realized the dream could become a reality sooner than expected. They met performing with CSz Sacramento in California, and were performing together with CSz Portland, Oregon, before moving to Maine. After just their first trip to Maine they knew ComedySportz could find a home here.

The past year they spent preparing for the move and the opening of the theater. It was a long process of business plans, fundraising, legal filing for the business, and finally packing and moving. Yet just over a year later, The Fresnel Theater is almost ready to begin producing its own CSz Maine matches.

We held auditions at the beginning of April. From those, we’ve already built a fantastic team and we can’t wait to show off all the talent here in Portland, Maine.

As part of the CSz family, we’ll be joining 28 other cities around the US and Worldwide. We’re excited about joining a talented community of players. Together we’ll continue learning how to be better improvisers, coworkers, listeners, business trainers, and friends. If you’re interested in building these skills with classes or business training, contact us for more info.

We’ll be offering ComedySportz matches Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00pm beginning July 7th