PORTLAND, ME, 06/25/2019 -The Fresnel Theater, Portland Maine’s only dedicated improv and comedy theater, announced on social media that their 2018-2019 ComedySportz® season was coming to a close at the end of June. “We’re so grateful to all of our loyal fans who have come out and supported us this past year,” said Creative Director Matt Russell. The theater, which opened its doors a little less than a year ago, has had over 200 performances in the past year. “We’ve been working really hard, and we have some special things planned before our 2019-2020 starts in October,” said Russell. 

Starting on Fridays in July, The Fresnel will play host to special guests from across the globe during their Friday night exhibition matches of ComedySportz®. Scheduled to perform against the CSz Maine team will be performers from Portland, Oregon, Manchester, United Kingdom, and Boston, MA. “You’ll be able to see Portland versus Portland, New England versus Old England, and of course Boston versus Maine,” said Russell. 

“It’s really a great opportunity for us to showcase the amazing talent we have here in Maine, as well as tighten the global improv community,” said Managing Director Krista Simonis. “We can’t wait to host these performers, some of whom will even be teaching special workshops at our theater.” 

Saturdays in July will have more dynamic programming as core improvisers from the area face off against each other in intramural playoffs. “We expect to see some really dynamic teams in our Saturday matches,” said Simonis. Instant Comedy is expected to perform, as well as Running with Scissors and other area groups like Boxed Wine. “You know, improv really is about collaboration but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace a little competition occasionally as well,” said Russell. The theater will provide a trophy and prize to the winning team and encourages fans to come out and root for their favorites during the playoffs.

Those looking to book tickets, or for more information about the show can visit the theater’s website at www.thefresneltheater.org. The Fresnel Theater is located downtown, at 17 Free St. in Portland, Maine. 

Krista and Matt are available for media inquiries via phone, email and by appointment.