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ComedySportz Maine

For over 30 years, ComedySportz has delivered high quality laughs and matches around the world, while keeping the comedy suitable for everyone. It's a fast-paced and fun competitive improv comedy match with two teams, a referee, and fans to decide the score!

Date Night

Improvisers Matt Russell, and Krista Simonis, who just happen to be married, share stories and then do improv comedy scenes based on those stories. If they're funny enough to get free burritos at Chipotle, they're funny enough for you to come see them.

Rated – T


Past Your Bedtime

An improv show for those who get to stay up a little later. See your favorite short form improv games performed by Southern Maine's best. It's not your mind that's dirty, it's our improv.

Rated - M

Private Shows

Bringing a ComedySportz match or Fresnel Theater show out to your next event is a surefire way to get people laughing without breaking the bank. We're your go to comedy for holiday parties, employee appreciation dinners, anniversary parties, mixers, and more!
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