Improvised Stephen King


Improvised Stephen King is an eerie, entertaining, and evolving improv show inspired by the works of the master of horror. Based on your suggestions we will build the cover of a new Stephen King novel, and our talented performers will weave a never before seen King masterpiece right before your eyes, all under an hour.

Fridays at 9:15, $10 tickets


  • Meredith Gilfeather is from away, but has made Kennebunk her home for the past 12 years. Growing up, she spent several summer weeks each year reading Stephen King books in a creaky old house on a quiet Maine beach… the highlight of the year and well worth the insomnia.
  • Jennywren Walker got in trouble for not turning off the light when she read IT for 24 hours straight at the age of 12. She’s a Portland, ME native.
  • Brian Marshall grew up in rural Illinois next to a cornfield he became afraid of at age 10. Thanks, Steve. He currently lives in Exeter, NH
  • Dan BernardA Central Maine native, he grew up not far from where Stephen King went to high school. A horror and sci-fi fan since childhood, being an extra in King’s film “Thinner,” shot in Camden and Scarborough in 1996, is a fond memory.
  • Robert Nixon once dated a girl whose mother was hit on by Stephen King at the University of Maine. He currently lives in West Bath, ME
  • Adrien Boudreau – A Maine native residing in Portland, ME. After reading though the Night Shift in 7th grade, he discovered he shared with the author a fascination with the supernatural, a love of libraries, and a fear of inner demons.
  • Andrew Rosenstein – grew up in New York and now lives in Portland. He saw the movie Carrie long before his mother let him read the book, which he later devoured under the covers by flashlight.
  • Eric Darrow Worthley read his first Stephen King book in installments with The Green Mile.  He’s a Maine native who currently lives in Portland.
  • Matthew Russell – currently living in South Portland, ME. He first developed a love for Stephen King while reading in the hall closet of his family’s home outside Seattle, WA.
  • Charlie Adler
  • Samuel Kuykendall

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