ComedySportz Maine Playing in Opening Bout of Virtual Worldwide Comedy Competition

We’ve been in virtual training for months and now the match is finally here!

CSz Maine vs CSz Detroit, Wednesday at 7pm eastern

ComedySportz Maine is set to take on ComedySportz Detroit in the Championship Opener, Wednesday at 7pm eastern. 

The improvised competitive comedy show, ComedySportz, has found homes in cities across the country. For one week, all cities are united to see who will be named “Funniest People in Living Rooms on Zoom.” Fans will have opportunities to watch and vote for who they think is funnier, as well as give suggestions via Zoom.

Some big names are set to take the screen, including Maine’s Team Captain Krista Simonis, co-founder of The Fresnel Theater and 2019 CSz Worldwide All-Star. “It’s been a rigorous training experience,” said Simonis, who goes by the nickname “Gimme” during matches. 

“We’ve been making up jokes every day since last year’s Championship. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said ‘185 blanks walked into a bar.’ It’s been grueling, but we’ve come up with some fantastic new games and plays and I’m excited to see them on the screen.”

Krista “Gimme” Simonis

Announcing the match is none other than H Wade Minter, a professional sports announcer and voice of the NHL Carolina Hurricanes.

All of the players performing expressed their excitement at this long-awaited face-off and surprise that they were able to learn so much about green screens, ring lights, and broadcasting software. “Apparently it’s important to turn the fans off before you turn your microphone on,” said Team Coach Matt Russell.

The final points of the night will be determined by who can make Referee Mike Gregorek (CSz NYC) laugh. “I’m not an easy laugh,” said Gregorek when asked. “I’ve been around some truly funny people so these players are going to have to bring it if they expect to get points. They’re getting points for puns, not pity.”

All matches are free for the public to watch, but theaters are taking donations to help support their programs. The CSz Worldwide league is also making donations to various charities including Black Table Arts, Parkinson’s Foundation, and The Trevor Project. 

Anyone can watch the matches by registering for the webinars on Zoom using LINK.