How can improvisation help your business?

Learn the skills of success with Applied Improvisation & CSz Business Training

As improv performers, we use our improvisation skills onstage to get people laughing. Those are the same skills we find people often overlook in the office.

We specialize in teaching people HOW to use improvisation techniques in their work lives. We teach the essential, yet often overlooked or discarded, communication and listening skills that will consistently improve the quality of your work, home and social relationships. 

In many ways, it was as scary as a ropes course, but I never felt afraid of falling because I knew the team had my back.  

--Suzanne Erin Lewis, Beau Woodward Commission

We offer vital information in a format that's thoroughly entertaining and makes the discussion of key concepts both more resonant and memorable for your people.  And that's the goal - give them a great experience that will bond them socially and empower them in their work capacity. One more thing: We never forget the fun!

How has improv worked with businesses?

We've done successful training to employees in every known industry, from network execs to nuns, from lawyers to lumberjacks to high-tech engineers. We’ve been hired by at least 65 of this year's Fortune 500 companies, often repeatedly.

From valuable and customizable training using Applied Improvisation, to bringing one of our customizable shows to your event, to projects where you need the talent and funny, we can help make you look like the awesome genius we know you are.


Corporate Training

Because work is more than numbers, it’s leadership, communications skills, soft skills, and employee engagement.

Improvisation is not "winging it,” it's a highly-refined system of observing, connecting and responding. You'll learn our LASER system of success with business and improvisation. 

  • Listening - with true focus, staying in the moment
  • Accepting - circumstances and what others bring to the table
  • Supporting - others and making them look good
  • Embrace Opportunity - trusting and using your intuition, learn not to be afraid of risks
  • Release Mistakes - learning and moving on

Our business training can design a session or series that fits your needs and goals. Let us know what your needs are, and we'll design for your goals.

Public Speaking

We provide customized public speaking training and delivery coaching for individuals and groups.

Our trainer, Krista Simonis, is a veteran coach and judge of college-level speaking and can teach you to apply the techniques of award winning speakers to your own speech goals. From increasing your success at work to preparing for the vows at your wedding, we can help you feel confident next time you go to give a speech.

Learn how to connect with your audience and give presentations from a place of joy! This training is ideal for speakers/future speakers who want to learn how to:

  • Let go of fear
  • Minimize (or even eliminate!) the recovery time when mistakes and the unexpected happen
  • Speak naturally and effectively to any audience
  • Gain your audience’s interest
  • Be engaging, allowing your personality to shine through

Tell us about your public speaking goals and we'll get back to you ASAP with strategic recommendations and pricing.

Private Shows


Wouldn't it be great if the entertainment truly revolved around your guest(s) of honor? Think about the joy that can come from a really memorable event. We understand, and we deliver on the promise.  Customized improv comedy for your private event.

We provide entertainment for all types of private events and functions, working to create an event that captures the reason for the gathering takes something special.

Our show formats revolve around your guests of honor.  We can even take suggestions from them and about them, and they can even "volunteer" to be a part of action.  We help even the most nervous among us to look good.  And we make you look like a genius for bringing us to your event.

We travel to you, or you can come to us!

Our Road Shows are available at virtually any time and any place.  We're flexible with many types of venues and set-ups.

You can even pair a show with an experiential workshop.

We're great at teaching improv to all kinds of groups. Learn the basics, strengthen your team and have a blast!

Team Building

-the building blocks of everything we do-

When people see one of our shows for the first time, they're often struck by how the players seem to read each others' minds, and how completely they support each other.  No one seems worried when things go wrong.  Often the audience can't even tell that something isn't perfect.

It's not an accident.  It's by design, and we apply those same skills to your company.  Give us a few hours of your people's time, and we'll help you build a stronger team.

We focus on laughing together, thinking fast, listening thoroughly, letting go of preconceived roles and roadblocks, sharing mistakes - and shaking them off, and most importantly, saying YES, AND...

Sounds like a pretty good team, doesn't it? All of our workshops contain multiple elements of team building and they go way beyond "trust exercises".  Trust doesn't happen just because you catch someone falling backward. We give you the building blocks that create trust.

Workshops range from two hours to multiple days to a series over several weeks.  Let us know what you need.  We'd love to help you build your team.

Leadership Training

Are you looking to become more of a transformational leader and inspire your team to succeed? Management is never easy, but we can teach you the skills needed to become a better leader.

Great management takes ongoing work to overcome innumerable challenges.  Hone the craft of caring for your team through listening, inclusion, support, empowerment and understanding the needs of those who follow. Our trainers have studied what makes an effective leader and with our training, we pass that knowledge on to you.

We empower your leaders to play multiple roles, command authority without demanding it, lead by following, identify both productive and non-productive patterns, build morale by being present, be a better listener for your team, and to take risks without panic. We help your managers become leaders.

If you want to inspire your leaders to inspire your teams, contact us. We can help.